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Bob the Earthling's Dumpster Diving Page - Get free stuff! Only thing's in a Dumpster. Yes, I've done it and it ain't half bad. I probably got more germs kissing some of these knuckleheads boys than I did while I was diving. I like to dive behind shoe stores...can you believe some big chains THROW AWAY shoes?!!

The Big Dump Truck! - Are you on this links page because there's no way in hell you're paying a whole $9.95 for my book? Are you all about free belly-busting laughs? Check this site out, meanie!

Credit Info Center - Fix your credit now. Hurry, before they change some laws or something! It works. I've done it. Now I only have to put four month's rent down as a security deposit when I need an apartment!

My Little Sugar Daddy - Learn how to get you a sugar daddy...or be one yourself! Woohoo! No, I never had one, but I gotta admit, if I'd known about this site...maybe I wouldn't have all these damn student loans. (I know my mom is going to call me as soon as she sees this.) (It's a joke, mom! Well, kinda.)

Write Your Own Damn Book. - The Writer's Exchange at About.Com. The Writer's Center has a great Resource Page, too. If you e-mail me to ask for advice and you end up getting a book deal, I'll have to charge you 50% of your advance. Sorry. I think it's best you check those links first.

Order The Broke Diaries: The Completely True and Hilarious Misadventures of a Good Girl Gone Broke - Wow, this book is cheap! You should get your Dumpster-diving Sugar Daddy to buy it for you! "Charming and sharp, Nissel's diary will be relished by anyone who's ever been a student and remembers those ramen noodles." - Publisher's Weekly. (and you know the book is only $9.95, so it's not like I have enough loot to *pay* people to say ish like that...) - Angie